Too often, the antics during a hen party are something we would like to quickly forget, be it the presence of a baby-oiled stripper, adult-themed props or embarrassing quiz questions to answer in front of your future mother-in-law. Fortunately, at Keeps we have some wonderful suggestions for hen party games that will not only avoid a red face, but more importantly, make memories that the bride and her hens will want to hold on to forever.

The first is a ‘Letters to the Bride’ concept, where the bride’s nearest and dearest can write something to her, then place in a specially designed box for safe keeping. This elegant wooden box can be engraved by Keeps with the words ‘letters to the Bride’ in beautiful script, or even personalised with the bride’s name to create something completely bespoke. Simply set this up during the hen party, and let the brides friends and family post heart felt notes, funny memories or words of wisdom into the letter box. Once the celebrations are over, the bride can open this treasured box of memories, returning to these letters again and again for years to come.

Another way to create something tangible that the bride can keep forever, is to create a personalised Keeps recipe box. The box itself is elegantly engraved with the bride’s name, featuring five wooden dividers and 15 recipe cards with a gorgeous gold foiling detailing. If your bridal party is larger than 15, pre make some extra recipe cards using pretty paper and a bit of imagination, then get the hens to fill in the cards. Recipe cards can be filled with family recipes (include future family to tie in new family connections), or love themed recipes, sexy cocktails or even ‘recipes for a happy marriage’, then filed in the personalised wooden storage box, creating a truly unique bridal shower recipe book. This can be done before the hen  party by asking guests to bring a recipe instead of a card, or it can be done during by turning it into a crafty hen party game for everyone to enjoy, including the bride.

Or why not print some photos of the bride and her hens, get some paints, stickers, coloured pens and glitter and turn the recipe card decoration into a fun crafty activity. Not only will it provide the perfect memory of her hen party, the unique recipe box will give the bride something she can add to as the years go by and her married life progresses – creating a treasure-trove of sentimental recipes for her and her family to enjoy.

So if you are a bridesmaid currently looking for the ultimate memory making keepsake for your bride, look no further, your perfect keepsake box is here.

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