The end of August 2019 sees an exciting new addition to our Keeps range of gift boxes, with the launch of our all-new corporate collection. These bespoke Corporate gift boxes are the perfect way to pass on your brand message in a stylish, eco-conscious way. They are truly branded gifts you can be proud of.

Corporate gifts are all too often gimmicky or poorly made, involving something that will soon find its way into the bin after the novelty wears off. We are looking to change that by offering companies the chance to create a something unique, delivering a product that not only reflects the quality of their own brand, but gives the receiver something beautiful that they will treasure forever. In a world where people are aiming to make less waste, to buy less but buy better, it is more relevant than ever to give something that is worth keeping.

With your brand engraved on this beautiful box, it can then be filled with objects of your choosing. This ensures huge flexibility, with a bespoke corporate gift box for every occasion. The choices are endless: for example, fill it with your own products to showcase your brand, or make it a food hamper by filling it with tasty treats, or at Christmas, for the perfect corporate gift idea, create a Christmas gift box by stocking it full of festive item. Once the items in the box have been used, the box itself can be repurposed as a keepsake box or bespoke storage box – acting as something useful, and giving continued brand advertising for years to come.

We know how to deliver a beautiful product – our bridal, baby, memory, keepsake and Christmas boxes provide a stunning place to keep precious items and memories, and our many happy customers are testament to this. And of course you can expect the same excellent quality from our corporate range. There are a range of sizes available, so if you already have your box’s contents decided, you can be sure everything will fit perfectly. Going that one step further, Keeps can even supply additional branded products, such as beautiful fabric drawstring bags, to sit inside your custom made box. Or, for something that stands out from the crowd, or maybe reflects your brand, why not adapt one of our unique concept boxes, such as the ‘reconnect box’ (a place to put mobile phones, allowing you to reconnect with loved ones and live in the moment), or a recipe box for filing favourite recipes, or seed box for a green fingered gift.


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