Do you have a question for us? Your answer may be below or feel free to email us on

  • Do you do custom designs? Yes we definitely do! You can pick any box template off our website and then add the ‘Custom Engraving Add-On‘ to your order
  • How long do orders take to arrive?
    Using Standard Shipping Our personalised orders will take around 3 weeks to arrive.
    Using Express Shipping Orders can be produced and arrive within 5 days
  • Do you do bigger sized boxes? Not at this stage. We are working on one though!
  • Can you produce custom sized boxes? No sorry.
  • What other motifs can you engrave? Anything! If you are ordering a Baby Keepsake Box, just select “something else” + fill in the field. Check out @keeps_studio for inspiration.
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, here on our website or check out our store on Etsy.
  • Can you ship direct to my friend? yes, we can even include a gift card.
  • Can you gift wrap? – No sorry but we can include a gift card. We are working on this though!
  • Will you include an invoice or receipt with my order? No, all orders are sent without this information.
  • Help, I’ve received half my order? Sometimes due to stock levels we will send you what we can straight away in separate shipments
  • Help, I’ve engraved the wrong details? We happen to get his often, it seems ‘mum brain’ is a real thing. Email us at
  • Will my box get caught up in customs? No, they have been sprayed and safe to fly
  • Can I engrave in a different language? Yes that can be done.
  • My Childs name has an accent above a letter can you engrave that? Yes.
  • Can you engrave the sides or front of the box? No sorry.
  • Do you sell you boxes blank? No sorry. Our boxes come engraved
  • I want to order a Baby Keepsake Box but dont want to engrave the DOB? No problems, just type in N/A in that box