With Christmas fast approaching it is time to start thinking about gifts, but trying to find something meaningful can sometimes be hard. Fortunately, Keeps have a curated collection of storage and memory boxes that are sure to create smiles on Christmas day, and lasting memories for years to come as the boxes are filled. Keeps wooden boxes are both functional and beautiful and, with a range of engraving options, they are personal too. Each box can be adorned with the recipient’s name, and can feature illustrations relating to the content of the box. Enjoy our Christmas gifting guide and take the opportunity to find something perfect for grandparents, children, friends and partners.


For Kids


If it is baby’s first Christmas, then a Baby Box is the perfect Christmas gift for babies. Parents can store treasured mementos of their little one in our wooden baby keepsake box. Available in three sizes, and with a range of illustration options, this is a lasting and unique gift that ensures that all of the very best memories are kept safe for years to come. The Keeps Letter Box is another way to hold on to those fleeting moments as your children grow older. Titled with ‘letters to…’, and engraved with your child’s name, fill this memory box with letters, stories and pictures that they will come back to time and time again. If your son, daughter, nephew, niece or grandchild is a budding artist, then order a Keeps Art Box. This personalised wooden art box can keep all of their pens, pencils and paints organised, or act as a storage box for their works of art.


For Grandparents


A Treasure Box is a sentimental and smart Christmas present for grandparents who have an ever-growing collection of drawings, trinkets and photos from their grandchildren, giving them somewhere beautiful to store those precious gifts. If Nana is a skilled seamstress or crafter, then treat her to a personalised wooden Craft Box or Sewing Box. These wooden boxes have a vintage-style latch, and are illustrated with sewing paraphernalia – acting as a stylish and sturdy storage solution for all those bobbins, scissors, threads, measuring tapes. Equally useful as a place for knitting fans, scrapbookers and artists to keep their tools, they are available in three sizes. If grandparents are green fingered, then our special Seed Box is perfect for organising seeds and small garden tools. Engraved with a watering can and the name of the recipient, this wooden seed storage box will have pride of place in the garden shed.


For Him


The Seed Box is not just a gift for the grandparents, so if your partner likes to spend his weekends in the garden, this neat box will give him somewhere to keep all his gardening paraphernalia. If he is keen to research the family history, or needs somewhere to store important or treasured family documents, the personalised Family Box is the perfect solution. This wooden storage box, which is engraved with your family name and the image of a family tree, will keep all that history safe for years to come. If someone you love is in the NZ Defence Force, gift them the Keeps Defence Box this Christmas. This beautiful military keepsake box gives them somewhere special to keep items such as medals, badges, caps, uniforms, flags and treasured letters from friends and family. As an extra special touch, it can be engraved with their name and the emblem of their NZ Defence Force division.


For Friends


You can also treat friends to a Keeps Treasure Box, which has two design options and the added benefit of helping others too, with $1 from every box donated to Race4Life. Surprise intrepid friends with either the Travel Keepsake Box or the Adventure Keepsake Box. These boxes are delightfully illustrated and can be engraved with the text of your choice. Title the box with a memorable holiday or adventure, giving your friend a place to store photos and memories from that trip of a lifetime.


We have something to suit every Christmas gifting need, so enjoy browsing our full range or reach out to us if there’s anything we can help with.

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